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Ultrafast Nano-Optics
and Metamaterials



Our group studies ultrafast phenomena at nanoscale resolution.


In particular we explore ultrafast energy harvesting pathways of hot carriers following the plasmonic decay in plasmonic nanostructures and 2D materials.  

Latest Publications

Multicolor Time‐Resolved Upconversion Imaging by Adiabatic Sum Frequency Conversion

M. Mrejen, Y. Erlich, A. Levanon, H. Suchowski

Laser and Photonics Reviews, 14, 2000040 (2020)

Nonlinear Optics and Imaging

Composite Segmented Frequency Conversion, Adiabatic Frequency Conversion, Multispectral Time Resolved Mid Infrared Upconversion Imaging

Extreme Ultrafast Physics

In the past two decades, the generation of significant nonlinear optical response from plasmonic nanostructures has initiated new fronts across many fields in science

Ultrafast Optical Metamaterials

In recent years, optical metamaterials have witnessed exponential interest and research activities stemming from the ability to design at will their optical response

Nonlinear Metamaterials

The ability to tailor the electromagnetic response of matter by subwavelength nano-structures introduces new regimes of light-matter interaction

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