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Our Story

The Femto-Nano Laboratory

Our group studies ultrafast phenomena at nanoscale resolution. In particular we explore ultrafast energy harvesting pathways of hot carriers following the plasmonic decay in plasmonic nanostructures and 2D materials.  


By combining scanning probe microscopy with ultrashort laser pulse excitation, we achieve a unique way to simultaneously access small length and time scales.


This enables us to study electronic, vibrational, and structural excitations in matter, offering a novel route to perform active coherent control of quantum dynamics.

In parallel, we perform fundamental and applied research on nonlinear interactions of intense ultrashort light with metamaterials, which have exotic optical properties.


We also explore theoretical aspects in geometric control theory beyond the limitations posed by existing linear mathematical theories, expanding our control capabilities toward nonlinear interactions and extreme ultrashort dynamics.

Our laboratories are equipped with a near-field scattering optical microscope as well as state-of-the-art ultrashort lasers.

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