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Coherent control of plasmonic systems and nonlinear generation in WSe2


In the past couple of years, we have utilized our sub-10 fs pulse-shaper apparatus to coherently control the nonlinear response in resonant nanostructures 2D materials.


Such capability allowed us to be the first to observe ultrafast and nonlinear phenomena in the sub-20 femtosecond regime.


This temporal regime overlaps with their coherent collective electronic dynamics, which are sub-20 fs for the plasmonic systems and 50 fs for the room-temperature WSe2.


Contrary to common perception, we show that maximizing the intensity of the pulse does not yield the strongest nonlinear exponential response.


We show that the nonlinear dynamics can be dramatically enhanced by proper pulse shaping, and such effect emerges from the temporally asymmetric photo-induced response in a resonant mediated noninstantaneous interaction.

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