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Detuning Modulated Composite Segments for Robust Generation of Entangled Photons

H. Suchowski, M. Erew, Y. Reches, Provisional (2022).

Detuning-modulated universal composite gates

H. Suchowski, Y. Oz, M. Goldstein, E. Kyoseva, H. Greener, M. Erew, Y, Piasetzky, I. Kaplan, Provisional (2021) 

Real-time coronavirus detection through spectral and spatial scanning of the anterior segment of the eye

H. Suchowski, M. Mrejen, S. Katz, Y. Rotenstreich, I. Sher,  Provisional (2020).

Multi-frequency infrared imaging based on frequency conversion

H. Suchowski, M. Mrejen, A. Levanon,  Provisional (2017), US Patent 11,009,772 (2021).

Detuning modulated composite pulses for high-fidelity robust quantum control

H. Suchowski, E. Kyoseva, H. Greener,  Provisional (2018), US Patent App. 17/284,509 (2021).

Method and system for frequency conversion

H. Suchowski, A. Dahan, A. Levanon, Provisional (2017), PCT/IB2018/055298, US Patent 11,181,804 (2021).

Generation of broadband coherent laser pulses based on adiabatic four-wave mixing in waveguides and fiber

H. Suchowski, A. Dahan, E. Bahar, J. Moses, X. Ding,  US Patent App. 17/055,554, 2021, US Patent 11,487,185 (2022).

Interferometer system and application thereof

H. Suchowski, E. Lifshitz, A. Levanon, M. Mrejen,  Provisional (2017), US Patent 11,231,271 (2022).

Method and system for characterizing a nanostructure by machine learning

H. Suchowski, L. Wolf, M. Mrejen, A. Nagler, I. Malkiel, U. Arieli,  Provisional (2017), US Patent App. 16/484,490 (2020).

3D modular optics for 3D optical alignments

H. Suchowski, A. Levanon,  Provisional (2016), US Patent App. 16/464,714 (2019).

Waveguide arrangements based on adiabatic elimination

H. Suchowski, M. Mrejen, C. Wu, Y. Wang, X. Zhang, Provisional (2013), US Patent 9,442,250 (2016).

Efficient and robust wireless energy transfer

Y. Silberberg, H. Suchowski, N.V. Vitanov, A.A. Rangelov, Provisional (2010),  Patent applications: WO-2011/07995

Crystal for optical conversion

H. Suchowski, Y. Silberberg,  Provisional (2009), Patent applications: WO-2009118738, EP-2265992, US Patent 8,331,017 (2012)

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