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Journal Publications


2021 - 2023

67. Mid Infrared Mapping of Four-Layer Graphene Polytypes Using Near Field Microscopy

D. Beitner, S. Amitay, S. Salleh Atri, A. McEllistrim, V. I. Fal’ko, S. Richter, M. Ben Shalom, H. Suchowski, (Submitted 2023)

66.  Diffraction-Based Nonlinear Adiabatic Frequency Up-Conversion Imaging

T. Coen, M. Mrejen, H. Suchowski, (Submitted 2023)

65.  Shaping Exciton Dynamics in 2D Semiconductors by Tailored Ultrafast Pulses

O. Meron, U. Arieli, E. Bahar, S. Deb, M. Ben-Shalom, H. Suchowski, (Submitted 2023). Read >>

64. Segmented Composite Design of Robust Single-Qubit Quantum Gates

I. Kaplan, M. Erew, Y. Piasetzky, M. Goldstein, Y. Oz, H. Suchowski. Physical Review A 108, no. 4 (2023): 042401. Read >>

63. Rayleigh Anomaly Induced Phase Gradients in Finite Nanoparticle Chains

L. Michaeli, O. Doron, Y. Hadad, H. Suchowski, T. Ellenbogen, Laser and Photonics Review, Nanotechnology (2023). Nanoscale, 15(33), pp.13653-13665. Read >>

62. Passively CEP stable sub-2-cycle source in the mid-infrared by adiabatic difference frequency generation

F. Ritzkiwsky, E. Bebeti, G. M. Rossi, H. Suchowski, H. Cankaya, F. X. Kartner, (Optics Letters 48, 1870-1873, 2023). Read >>

61. Process parameter optimization for the detoxification of emerging environmental pollutant

S. Maiti, S. S. Sinha, H. Suchowski, M. Singh, Journal of Hazardous Mat. Adv. 10, 100290 (2023). Read >>

60. Spatio-temporal ultrafast pulse shaping at the femtosecond–nanometer scale

S. Korman, E. Bahar, U. Arieli, H. Suchowski, Optics Letters 47 (17), 4279-4282 (2022). Read >>

59. Detuning Modulated Composite Segments for robust optical frequency conversion

Y. Reches, E. Elias, H. Suchowski, J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys. 55, 194002 (2022). Read >>

58. Second-Order Photoinduced Reflectivity for Retrieval of the Dynamics in Plasmonic Nanostructures

D. Hershkovitz, U. Arieli, S. S. Sinha, O. Cheshnovsky, H. Suchowski, Nano Letters 22 (15), 6179-6185 (2022). Read >>

57. Unlocking coherent control of ultrafast plasmonic interaction

E. Bahar, U. Arieli, M. V. Stern, H. Suchowski, Laser & Photonics Reviews 16 (7), 2100467 (2022). Read >> 

56. Optical parametric amplifier pulse cleaning driven by aperiodic frequency converter

Z. Refaeli, G. Marcus, H. Suchowski, Y. Shamir, Physica Scripta 97, 075503 (2022). Read >>

55. Robust Directional Couplers for State Manipulation in Silicon Photonic-Integrated Circuits

M. Katzman, Y. Piasetzky, E. Rubin, B. Barenboim, M. Priel, M. Erew, A Zadok, H. Suchowski, Journal of Lightwave Technology, 40 (23), 7634-7639 (2022). Read >>

54. Coupled Molecular Emitters in Superstructures Interact with Plasmonic Nanoparticles

D. Beitner, I. Carmeli, Z. Zalevsky, S. Richter, H. Suchowski, Advanced Photonics Research, 2100334 (2022). Read >>

53. Complete population inversion of maximally entangled states in-level systems via Pythagorean-triple coupling

M. Erew, M. Goldstein, H. Suchowski, Physical Review A 104, 022616 (2021). Read >>

52. Artificial Intelligence Meets Engineered Photonic Materials: introduction to special issue

W. Cai, Y. Liu, J. Rho, H. Suchowski, P. Wiecha, Optical Materials Express 11 (10), 3431-3432 (2021). Read >>

51. Inverse design of unparametrized nanostructures by generating images from spectra

I. Malkiel, M. Mrejen, L. Wolf, H. Suchowski, Optics Letters 46, 2087-2090 (2021). Read >>

50. Ultrafast adiabatic frequency conversion

P. Margules, J. Moses, H. Suchowski, Gil Porat, Journal of Physics: Photonics, 3 022011 (2021). Read >>

2019 - 2020

49. Multicolor Time‐Resolved Upconversion Imaging by Adiabatic Sum Frequency Conversion

M. Mrejen, Y. Erlich, A. Levanon, H. Suchowski

Laser and Photonics Reviews, 14, 2000040 (2020). Read >>

48. Spectral Interferometric Microscopy for Fast and Broadband Phase Characterization

L. Michaeli, D. Ben Haim, M. Sharma, H. Suchowski, T. Ellenbogen. Advanced Optical Materials, 2000326 (2020). Read >>

47. Deep learning based reconstruction of directional coupler geometry from electromagnetic near-field distribution

T. Coen, H. Greener, M. Mrejen, L. Wolf, H. Suchowski

OSA Continuum 3, 2222-2231 (2020). Read >>

46. Coherent control of the noninstantaneous nonlinear power-law response in resonant nanostructures

 E. Bahar, U. Arieli, M. Mrejen, H. Suchowski. Physical Review B 101, 035141 (2020). Read >>

45. Machine learning for nanophotonics

I. Malkiel, M. Mrejen, L. Wolf, H. Suchowski, MRS Bulletin 45, 221-229 (2020). Read >>

44. Near-Infrared Tunable Surface Lattice Induced Transparency in a Plasmonic Metasurface

L. Michaeli, H. Suchowski, T. Ellenbogen, Laser and Photonics Reviews, 1900204 (2019). Read >>

43. Detuning-modulated composite pulses for robust quantum control

E. Kyoseva, H. Greener, H. Suchowski, Physical Review A 100, 032333 (2019). Read >>

42. Robust efficient and broadband second harmonic generation of ultrashort pulses in composite crystals

Y. Erlich, A. Rangelov, G. Montemezzani, H. Suchowski, Opt. Lett. 44, 3837-3840 (2019). Read >>

41. High resolution multi-scan compact Fourier-transform infrared spectrometer

E. Lifshitz, U. Arieli, S. Katz, I. Nir, A. Levanon, M. Mrejen, H. Suchowski, Opt. Lett. 44, 3126-3129 (2019). Read >>

40. Broadband coherent hyperspectral near-field imaging of plasmonic nanostructures

U. Arieli, M. Mrejen, H. Suchowski, Opt. Exp. 27, 9815-9820 (2019). Read >>

39. Exciton-polariton dynamics in WSe2 by ultrafast near-field imaging

M. Mrejen, L. Yadgarov, A. Levanon, H. Suchowski, Science Advances 5, eaat9618 (2019).  Read >>

2017 - 2018

38. Adiabatic four-wave mixing frequency conversion

E. Bahar, X. Ding, A. Dahan, H. Suchowski, J. Moses, Optics Express 26, 25582-25601 (2018).  Read >>

37. Plasmonic nanostructure design and characterization via Deep Learning

I. Malkiel, M. Mrejen, A. Nagler, U. Arieli, L. Wolf, H. Suchowski, Light: Science & Applications 7, 60 (2018). Read >>

36. Polarization-controlled coherent phonon generation in acoustoplasmonic metasurfaces

D. Norberto, N. Z. Lanzillotti-Kimura, P. Kevin, K. O’Brien, J. Rho, H. Suchowski, X. Yin, X. Zhang, Phys. Rev. B 97, 235403 (2018). Read >>

35. Quantum retrograde canon: complete population inversion in n2-state systems

A. Padan, H. Suchowski, New J. Phys. 20 043021 (2018).
Read >>

34. Composite Pulses in N-level Systems with SU(2) Symmetry and their Geometrical Representation on the Majorana Sphere

H. Greener, H. Suchowski, Journal of Chem. Phys., 148, 074101 (2018). Read >>

33. Shaping light with nonlinear metasurfaces

S. Keren-Zur, L. Michaeli, H. Suchowski, T. Ellenbogen. Advances in Optics and Photonics 10, 309-353 (2018). Read >>

32. Observation of linear plasmonic breathers and adiabatic elimination in a plasmonic multi-level coupled system

I. Epstein, H. Suchowski, D. Weisman, R. Remez, A. Arie. Opt. Exp. 26, 1433-1442 (2018).  Read >>

31. Multifrequency excitation and detection scheme in apertureless scattering near-field scanning optical microscopy

H. Greener, M. Mrejen, U. Arieli, H. Suchowski. Optics Letters 42, 3157-3160 (2017). Read >>

30. Pulse shaping of broadband adiabatic SHG from a Ti-sapphire oscillator

A. Levanon, A. Dahan, A. Nagler, E. Lifshitz, E. Bahar, M. Mrejen, H. Suchowski. Optics Letters 42, 2992-2995 (2017).  Read >>

29. Low-loss and energy efficient modulation in silicon photonic waveguides by adiabatic elimination scheme

M. Mrejen, H. Suchowski, N. Bachelard, Y. Wang, X. Zhang. Appl. Phys. Lett. 111, 033105 (2017). Read >>

28. Nonlinear Surface Lattice Resonance in Plasmonic Nanoparticles Arrays

L. Michaeli, S. Keren-Zur, O. Avayu, H. Suchowski, T. Ellenbogen. Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 243904 (2017). Read >>

27. Synthesis of core–shell single-layer MoS2 sheathing gold nanoparticles, AuNP@1L-MoS2

A. Lavie, L. Yadgarov, L. Houben, R. Popovitz-Biro, T.-E. Shaul, A. Nagler, H. Suchowski, R. Tenne. Nanotechnology, 28, 24LT03 (2017). Read >>

26. Generation and Arbitrary Shaping of Intense Single-Cycle Pulses in the Mid-Infrared

P. Krogen, H. Suchowski, H. Liang, N. Flemens, K.-H. Hong, F. X. Kärtner, J. Moses. Nat. Photonics 11, 222-226 (2017).
Read >>

25. Ultrafast adiabatic second harmonic generation

A. Dahan, A. Levanon, M. Katz, H. Suchowski. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 29, 084004 (2017). Read >>

2015 - 2016

24. Broadband photon pair generation at 3ω/2

H. Suchowski, B. D. Bruner, Y. Israel, A. Ganany‑Padowicz, A. Arie, Y. Silberberg. Applied Physics B, 122, 1-5 (2016). Read >>

23. Experimental Realization of Two Decoupled Directional Couplers in a Subwavelength Packing by Adiabatic Elimination

M. Mrejen, H. Suchowski, T. Hatakeyama, Y. Wang, X. Zhang. Nano Letter 15, 7383–7387 (2015). Read >>

22. Adiabatic elimination based coupling control in densely packed subwavelength waveguides

M. Mrejen*, H. Suchowski*, T. Hatakeyama, C. Wu, L. Feng, K. O’Brien, Y. Wang, X. Zhang. Nat. Comm. 6, 7565 (2015).
Read >>

21. Predicting nonlinear properties of metamaterials from the linear response

K. O’Brien*, H. Suchowski*, J. Rho, B. Kante, A. Salandrino, X. Yin, X. Zhang. Nat. Materials 14, 379-383 (2015). Read >>

2013 - 2014

20. Adiabatic processes in frequency conversion

H. Suchowski*, G. Porat*, A. Arie. Laser and Phot. Rev. 8, 333-367 (2014). Read >> 

19. Hidden two-qubit dynamics of a four-level Josephson circuit

E. Svetitsky*, H. Suchowski*, R. Resh, Y. Shalibo, J. M. Martinis, N. Katz. Nat. Comm. 5, 5617 (2014). Read >>

18. Ultrafast acousto-plasmonic control and sensing in complex nanostructures

K. O’Brien, N.D. Lanzillotti-Kimura, J. Rho, H. Suchowski, X. Yin, X. Zhang. Nat. Comm. 5, 4042 (2014). Read >>

17. Highly efficient broadband sum-frequency generation in visible wavelength range

H. Cankaya, A. L. Calendron, H. Suchowski, F. X. Kärtner. Opt. Lett. 39, 2912-2915 (2014). Read >>

16. Phase-mismatch free nonlinear propagation in zero-index optical materials

H. Suchowski*, K. O’Brien*, Z. J. Wong*, A. Salandrino, X. Yin, X. Zhang. Science 342, 1223-1226 (2013). Read >>

15. Octave-spanning coherent mid-IR pulses via adiabatic difference frequency generation

H. Suchowski, P. R. Krogen, S. W. Huang, F. X. Kärtner, J. Moses. Opt. Exp. 21, 28892-28901 (2013). Read >>

2011 - 2012

14. Fully efficient adiabatic frequency conversion of broadband Ti:sapphire oscillator pulses

J. Moses, H. Suchowski, F. X. Kärtner. Opt. Lett., 37, 1589-1591 (2012). Read >>

13. Two photon frequency conversion

G. Porat, Y. Silberberg, A. Arie, H. Suchowski. Opt. Exp. 20, 3613-3619 (2012). Read >>

12. Reflective interferometry for optical metamaterial phase measurements

K. O’Brien, N.D.L. Kimura, H. Suchowski, B. Kante, Y. Park, X. Yin, X. Zhang. Opt. Lett. 37, 4089-4091 (2012). Read >>

11. Modal dynamics in multimode fibers

M. Fridman*, H. Suchowski*, M. Nixon, A. A. Friesem, N. Davidson. J. Opt. Soc. Am. A 29, 541-544 (2012). Read >>

10. Adiabatic frequency conversion of ultrafast pulses

H. Suchowski, B. D. Bruner, A. G. Padowicz, I. Juwiler, A. Arie, Y. Silberberg. App. Phys. B. 105, 697-702 (2011). Read >>

9. Wireless adiabatic power transfer

A. A. Rangelov*, H. Suchowski*, N. V. Vitanov, Y. Silberberg. Annals of Physics 326, 3, 626-633 (2011). Read >>

8. Pythagorean coupling: Complete population transfer in four level system

H. Suchowski, Y. Silberberg, D. Uzkov. Phys. Rev. A 84, 1, 013414 (2011). Read >>

2010 - 2006

7. Strong-field Spatiotemporal ultrafast coherent control in three level atoms

B. Bruner, H. Suchowski, N. Vitanov, Y. Silberberg. Phys. Rev. A 81, 063410 (2010). Read >>

6. Tunable up-converted optical parametric oscillator with intracavity adiabatic sum frequency generation

G. Porat, H. Suchowski, Y. Silberberg, A. Arie. Opt. Lett. 35, 1590-1592 (2010). Read >>

5. Uncontrollable quantum systems: A classification scheme based on Lie subalgebras

T. Polack, H. Suchowski, D. Tannor. Phys. Rev. A, 79, 053403 (2009). Read >>

4. Robust efficient sum frequency conversion

H. Suchowski, V. Prabhudesai, D. Oron, A. Arie, Y. Silberberg. Opt. Exp. 17, 12731-12740 (2009). Read >>

3. Geometrical representation of sum frequency generation and adiabatic frequency conversion

H. Suchowski, D. Oron, A. Arie, Y. Silberberg. Phys. Rev. A 78, 063821 (2008). Read >>

2. Spatio-temporal coherent control of atomic systems: weak to strong field transition and breaking of symmetry in 2D maps

H. Suchowski, A. Natan, B. D. Bruner, Y. Silberberg. J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys. 41, 074008 (2008). Read >>

1. Generation of a dark nonlinear focus by spatio-temporal coherent control

H. Suchowski, D. Oron, Y. Silberberg. Optics Communications 264, 482-487 (2006). Read >>

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